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Human behaviour – the focus of sustainable growth Articole stiintifice

In the holistic vision, „the whole living” means a system of „integrated whole living”, both in the natural and manmade environment.

The harmony of „the integrated whole living” is an expression and fundamental condition of the essence of life, defined by the following attributes: granting, coherence and resonance.

Ensuring harmony in the manmade environment, as in its relations with the natural environment requires a new behaviour, different than before, based on freedom in love, freedom in esponsibility, freedom in solidarity and social communion.

Only such human behaviour is the guarantee of elections that are in harmony with the demands of „health of the whole common living,” ensuring conditions for a decent, serene and full human life.

The sources of a human behaviour in harmony with the requirements that will ensure sustainable development of the entire society not only of the economy of „the health of the whole common living” are education, love and understanding of life as „being in relationship”, which are able to create a sentient human capable to defeat suffering and acquire happiness.

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  • Denumire document: Human behaviour – the focus of sustainable growth
  • Autori: Ana Maria POPESCU, ┼×tefania-Cristina CUREA
  • Anul realizarii documentului: 2016